“Rotation of Stripes” My Art Is Inspired by Patterns

Why am I interested in Patterns? I love the outdoors. Early in the morning, at the break of day, I walk in the park near my home. It allows me to observe nature and to listen to its sounds. Nature is for me a polyphonic symphony of rhythms, colors, patterns and sounds. This interest has developed into a passion for understanding structures and patterns in the seen and invisible world. The insights I have gained underlie the conceptual framework for the body of my work. My creative work bears a relation to the natural world and the mathematical patterns and structures found in natural forms. My paintings, drawings and sculptures are based on tessellation patterns and transition and change.

I began a series of paintings that were titled “Stretching the Space”. 

This painting “Rotation of Stripes”

”, 36”x36”x1.5”, oil paint, canvas, ink pen

It begins with a square canvas to explore symmetry, tessellation and rotation and the geometric concept on a two-dimensional plane. It is based on a grid with linear extensions of bounded and unbounded spaces. It is a sequence of numbers that are combined the “stretch” the space. The central core consists of overlapping patterns cutting across contour lines. My interest is to show rhythmic patterns through, repetition, transition, movement and change, which represents the ever-changing environment.

The painting, metaphorically represents the structures and patterns that are the result of forces in nature and environmental forces that we see and try to understand. These are Excerpts from my publication.